Several good reasons to do turn arounds in Oslo

Scandinavia’s largest source market

176.300 Norwegians took a cruise in 2014[1]. That is 60 % of the Scandinavian source market (292.200 pax).

Norway is the 6th largest source market in Europe.

Turn arounds and thus regional visibility is an effective way to make your cruise line brand known in Norway and Scandinavia.


Effective and easy accessibility

More than 200 direct international and intercontinental airline-routes to Oslo.

28 direct domestic routes to Oslo.

Oslo Airport Gardermoen handled 23 mill. pax in 2013  and will have capacity  for 28 mill pax in 2017.

Daily ferry arrivals from Denmark (Copenhagen, Fredrikshavn) and Germany (Kiel).


In reach of spectacular cruise destinations

Week cruises to the Norwegian Fjords (round trips).[2]

Week cruises to North Cape with change of passengers in Lakselv (North Cape turn around port close to airport  for wide body  air crafts to open in 2015).

Shorter cruises to the Skagerak and North Sea destinations (Norway and neighbour countries).

“Butterfly cruises” one week Baltic and one week the Fjords.

Week cruises/open jaws to the Baltic and Europe

Ca. 50 ports in Norway and   Skagerak give a lot of possibilities for itineraries with short sailing distances.

Oslofjord - a pleasant year round fjord experience.

Coming close to nature and culture.        Near the fortress Oscarsborg so important to Norwegian history. Hills, islands, cottages and holiday houses, ships and boats passing by. An extra passenger experience coming to or leaving Oslo.


Effective turn around operations. 

Oslo has a record for handling turn around operations with satisfied passengers and cruise lines. Turn around pier close to the city centre.


Oslo has a lot to offer –

both in the city centre and its pleasant surroundings.                                

Being a port outside EU also Europeans can do tax free shopping in Oslo.  

A large variety of entertainment and culture, vibrant nightlife, restaurants, bars and hotels welcome cruise tourists to enjoy their stay on their way to or from a cruise.




[1] Source: CLIA Europe “Contribution of Cruise Tourism to the Economies of Europe 2015 Edition

[2] Via e.g. Skagen, Denmark – new pier for 300m ships. Port outside Norway necessary due to cabotage rules.