The Norwegian Museum of Cultural History

The more than 150 buildings in the Open-Air Museum represent different regions in Norway, different time periods, as well as differences between town and country, and social classes. The Gol Stave Church dating from 1200 is one of five medieval buildings at the museum. The contemporary history is presented through exhibitions and documentation projects focusing especially on children, youth and the multicultural population. Permanent indoor exhibitions include folk art, folk costumes, toys and Sami culture. There is also a variety of temporary exhibitions and audience programs all year round.

Basic Facts
Founded: December 19, 1894.
Number of artifacts in the collections: 230 000
Staff: 120 employees
Outdoor area: 140 000 sq. meters Including The Royal Farm: app. 2 000 000 sq. metersIndoor area: 27 000 sq. meters
Number of Buildings in the Open-air-Museum: 155
Oldest historic building: Gol Stave Church, built 1200
Open to the public 360 days a year.


  • Street: Museumsveien 10
  • Postcode: 0287
  • City: Oslo


  • Tel: +47 22 12 37 00
  • E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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