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Downloadable Reports

  • Priser og forretningsvilkår 2015

    Priser og forretningsvilkår for Oslo Havn KF fra 1. januar 2015
  • Prices and Commercial Terms 2015

    Prices and Commercial Terms and Conditions at the Port of Oslo valid from 1 January 2015
  • Market Review 2013 CRUISE BALTIC

    The cruise business in the Baltic Sea has seen a year with positive growth rates in 2012 – overall passenger numbers, calls and turnarounds have all increased.
  • Future Port Development in Oslo

    In mid-December 2010 a group from the Oslo Municipality, fronted by the PBE group (Agency for Planning and Building Services), along with participants from the Port of Oslo and Visit Oslo, released a report on the future demand for cruise quays in Oslo.
  • Development of the Cruise Industry

    On the initiative of Innovation Norway, Horwath Consulting has written a memo on the most important environmental aspects to be considered in the further developement of the cruise industry in Norway.


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